History Bike Tampa

Oaklawn Cemetery

The first publication of our adventure guides, Oaklawn Cemetery challenges participants to explore Tampa's oldest public cemetery. Located in downtown Tampa, Oaklawn Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Tampa's oldest political figures, mafiosos, and city pioneers. After finishing your adventure guide, send in the included postcard to receive you Oaklawn Cemetery Patch.

History Bike Tampa

Explore Your City

The best part of History Bike Tampa is the reactions of our riders when they see a part of their city that they've never seen before. Our 3 & 1/2 inch "Explore Your City" patches challenge those around you to do just that! Combine your purchase of this patch with the Oaklawn Cemetery Adventure Guide for savings.

From the creators of History Bike Tampa, Adventure Guides put history into your hands. Take a few hours, bring friends, a date, or just yourself, and explore your local historical site. Each Adventure Guide has activities and surprises to discover.

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