What do gauges mean on a car?

All beginners to the car driving wish to know everything about the car dashboard meters designed to constantly show important things to driver while driving on the road. Almost every car driver considers two significant gauges on their car namely fuel gauge and the speedometer. However, they also have to be conscious about other gauges designed to give the useful information about the condition of the car while on the road. It is the correct time to explore car dashboard gauges.  What do gauges mean on a car? Car dashboard gauges like the oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, tachometer, fuel gauge and the speedometer give important information about the condition of the car on the road. car dashboard gauges

The tachometer

The tachometer is one of the most important car gauge indicates the speed at which the car engine is rotating. The speed of the engine is measured as revolutions per minute. In general, the numbers on this gauge meter stand for 100 RPM. If your car’s tachometer shows 25, then it represents 2500 rotation per minute. The low value of the tachometer indicates that the engine of the car is turning as slow as possible. The idle speed or the lowest RPM of the car is between the value 500 and 800 RPM. If your engine is in cold condition or started at the first time, then the engine RPM shows a high idle speed.

The speedometer

The maximum RPM lets a quick engine warm-up. You may get confused with different dashboard gauges mean except the speedometer and odometer.  The speedometer gauge shows how quickly the vehicle can travel in miles per hour. You can spend enough time to learn the association between the car engine rotation per minute on the tachometer gauge and the mile per hour or kilometre per hour in the speedometer.

An odometer

An odometer gauge in the car dashboard shows the overall value of the used car as it reads the cumulative miles a car travels. The odometer gauge is helpful a lot to car owners to schedule the car maintenance. For example, car owners can decide on when to replace the timing belt, service a transmission, change the oil or do other things.

The volt meter

The voltmeter shows how many electrical volts available in the charging system. If your vehicle produces below 12 volts or above 15 volts, then there is a problem in the charging system.

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